A Personal Struggle with PPD

Hello, my fellow light-finders. I am humbled and honored to announce a guest blogging opportunity in the interest of it being Mental Health Awareness month, on an amazing Non-Profit website: To Write Love on Her Arms. This post covers my personal struggles with Postpartum Depression after the birth of my daughter. It is raw, it... Continue Reading →

COVID’s Blessing

January was an odd month for many of my loved ones. We felt as if the world was nocking an arrow in a bow while searching for a target at which to aim. February felt as if we were pulling that arrow back in anticipation to shoot, our muscles taught and ready to release. I... Continue Reading →

The Architect

For I am development and you are my muse

My job is to break you and ignite the fuse

As you are the infinite in being and soul

It’s time you rise up and fulfill your true role

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