Love IS, regardless

After I found out he’d passed, I spoke to him in the small hours of the morning, when I’d wake up with faint memories dancing on my eyes, lingering as dreams. I imagine many of us who have lost someone to the other side do these things. We speak to the departed.

Be Your Own Hero

Question everything. Listen to your gut reactions. Heed the pull that’s calling you. Speak your truth.

The Soul’s Winter

When we enter into a Soul Winter, the Universe is giving us a very clear sign that the life we’ve created is not the life that was intended.

The Queen Mother of Dirty Words

Any clue what this six-letter word is doing to you and your psyche? It is stripping away freedom and heaping on gargantuan servings of GUILT. And Guilt weighs more than any other emotion.

Things I Love About Life #17: Unexpected Treasure

She’s got patience in abundance and a love that radiates from her for miles. It’s easy to see her in all of her glory, for she shines brightly within herself.

Your Failing Resolution

Instead of muscling through, it's letting go... it's sitting quietly with the intention of hearing what your inner voice is telling you.

Quiet Goals

... it seems much more honest to your true self. You’ve created your identity based on your terms. You get to create the “you” you’ve always dreamed of.

The “Truths” We Tell Ourselves

I am relaying to the universe, and to myself, that I see myself as a divine being. We all are.

My Dearest Ellie

My Dearest Ellie, I am so sorry that I wasn’t able to say goodbye.  Things just happened so fast.  Sometimes the present moment just decides what it needs, and there isn’t a thing you can do to stop it.  I knew... Continue Reading →

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