The Woodlands

She knew she had to submit

She knew the challenge ahead

She knew she’d chosen to do this

And today was the day of “Red”

She steeled herself internally

She held her honor tight

She took her first breath with eternity

And forged her first step in respite

The wind blew harder in anger

The trees swayed in response

The rain began to fall as anchors

As she strode with nonchalance

The dark ground became saturated

The days light began to wane

The terrain grew ever more complicated

As her surroundings flung disdain

Her mind begged her to stop moving

Her body tired, yearned reprieve

Her eyes watered tears, disapproving

And she almost granted their relief

Her heart instead pushed forward

Her muscles echoed the command

Her soul rang out, fates call restored

And she trudged on through The Woodland

She reached the door she’d aimed for

And steeled herself to fight

She entered proud, this state of war

Her life fated for this plight


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