Strength does not lie in muscle or knowledge,

It does not lie in the pulse of the human body,

It does not rest behind they eyes of despair,

It lies quietly in the darkness of those perpetual parts of our universal souls.

It rears its head when the spark of our lives is endangered.

It is not a flame, but an ember in willpower.

It is cellular, interstellar, primordial;

It is fundamental vitality.

It does not rise, but weeps and seeps into the creases of our hidden secrets.

Strength is not owned, it is borrowed from the infinite.

It is yours through the obscurity of pain, the questioning of will, the yearning for freedom.

It is ever-present, awaiting use.

It is in your eyes and in your breath.

It is in the life within.

It is yours.

It is you.

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