The “Truths” We Tell Ourselves

After reading a post by Written Therapy  that reads “What’s the biggest lie you tell yourself?  … That I’m okay,” my heart went out in empathy. I felt compelled to comment:

Interesting post… I’d have to say that the thing I tell myself most is that I’m not worthy of specific things: love, health, vitality, wealth. Maybe we are asking the wrong question though… What’s the biggest truth you tell yourself? Is it positive or negative? Maybe we should start there.

The biggest truths I tend to tell myself are also pretty negative.  Words like “fat” and “lazy” circulate often.  Larger negative thoughts encase my brain and heart so tightly that they’ve BECOME my truth and the hardened armor I wear.

These hardened thoughts like, “Your parents will never view you as worthy of their pride” and “My husband will find someone better someday” or “it doesn’t matter what you accomplish in life, you will never be viewed as a success” have become the hidden tattoos of my internal skin.  These are the “truths” I tell myself and carry, burdening me into low self-esteem and self-pity.  They have me lying to myself, as Written Therapy so eloquently relays, telling myself “I’m okay.”

But honestly, are these really Truths?  No.  They are not.  And in deeper, more resounding honesty, every single one of us is so much better than “okay.”I ask you this — why in the hell do we always have to make our truths negative??  All these limitations we put upon ourselves, all this negativity we drive into our cyclical minds, and all these words we use as descriptions are exactly as Written Therapy has described: THEY ARE LIES.

Every one of these negative words – they’re all CRAP. False. Bogus. Misrepresentations. They are the egoistic propaganda we’ve relayed to ourselves since the first time we were ever not loved enough.  These thoughts are massive, negative stones dragging us down into the cold water of subconscious darkness.  It’s dangerous down there.  That is where our monster’s rest.

The good news?  Any fabrication can be cast aside.  A new story can be formed.

Mr. Michael Beckwith, New Thought Minister, Author and Founder of the Agape International Spiritual Center, talks at length about the aspect of asking the “right” questions through a master class via Mindvalley Acadamy.  If you’d like a short 10-minute glimpse into this phenomena, you’ll find it here.  He encourages one to ask REAL truths with wondrous substance.  Questions like, “What is the universe seeking to express through me?” and “What gift to I have to give?” Or even, “How much power can flow through me?”

Now for some of us, Mr. Beckwith’s questions may seem too vast to utilize as a starting point. I have worked through many of his questions and get stuck on a few because I’m brand new to this thing. And that’s okay.  He’s helped me realize that I can make my own questions.  Questions that are easier for me, the positive-question-asker-beginner, to surround myself in when the negativity seems to be dragging me down to my false depths.

One great thing I’ve realized is that I can take my “negative truths” and form a new story.  I start with the falsehood, I flip it to a positive, and then I get to the heart and soul of what I really mean:

The negative The initial flip The evolution
“Fat” How can I treat myself to a healthier lifestyle? How can I channel my truth through my body temple?
“Lazy” How can I find excuses to be more active? How would being more active assist my eternal truth?
Parents vs Pride How can I express to myself what I have to be proud of? What is my divine purpose in this life?
Husband vs Finding someone else How can I be a better wife? How can my relationship evolve to the next level of love?
Accomplishments vs success What have I already achieved that I never thought I could? How can I use my inborn abilities to assist the world?


You see what I did there?  I asked questions that ring with infinite truth.  I am relaying to the universe, and to myself, that I see myself as a divine being.  We all are. I implore you to try this.  Just dabble in it a tiny bit.  If you get stuck, I’m here to cut the cords to your stones.

We all have the choice to put an end to letting our lies define us.  Let’s live in the truths we should tell ourselves, instead of the lies. For we are all of us, stardust.

In love and joy,




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