Be Your Own Hero

“You are an On Purpose, With a Purpose”

Michael Bernard Beckwith~ 

Be your own Hero
Do what scares you. Take micro steps toward your dreams. Remind yourself that you are amazing.

Find yourself interesting
Gain knowledge. Never, ever, ever stop learning. Read. Listen. Really listen. Laugh at your quirks.

Be your own inspiration
Do work out of love. Refuse to fear. Try. Fail all the time. Keep trying. Open to life.

Find your own Truth
Question everything. Listen to your gut reactions. Heed the pull that’s calling you. Speak your truth.

Refuse to play small
Use your blessings. Be authentic. Make up your own life. Rebuff fear.

Shine your own light
Look yourself in the eyes and say “I love you.” Laugh. Burn with your veracity. Electrocute the masses.


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