Be What You Need

*Special thanks to the Sun, the Whale Lover, the Guru, and the Editor

In this world of incessant dichotomies and never-ending dualities, we humans have a tendency to swirl into chaos. So often, we forget we are spiritual beings having a human experience. We forget we are capable of being in direct alignment with Source (or Spirit, or God), because we ARE Source.

When in chaos, we tend to turn our attention toward superficial fixations to fill the void. We begin to reach outwardly, failing to recognize such attempts cause us to shrink inwardly, dulling senses adamantly calling out their demand, and forcing ourselves to project victimhood. We blame anyone and everything around us for the somberness and detriment of our lives.

Because energy is cyclical, this victim consciousness begins to create a damaging sequence of negativity begetting negativity. We forget:

We get what we give

In focusing on ourselves – our needs, our wants, our desires, our hardships, we spiral downward, hoping someone, somewhere, will lend us a hand and pull us out. Reminding ourselves we are fully capable, Source-lit beings is extremely challenging when in such a state. To break this cycle, we must shift focus from the darkness within, turning our gazes outward and upward.

But how? How do we find solid ground in a tornado of despair, destructive habits, and pessimistic thoughts?

Be what you need

While our ultimate, cardinal need is Unconditional Love, many of us may not be on the highest level human consciousness demands to receive such a gift. What we are capable of receiving, in any aspect of cognizance, is comprised of three core components: Compassion, Appreciation, and Common Love.

  • Compassion encompasses aspects of empathy, kindness, care, concern, and altruism.
  • Appreciation embodies gratitude, growth, approval, admiration, understanding, comprehension, and validation.
  • Common Love embraces aspects of affection, adoration, devotion, friendship, and passion.

Inventory your soul. Do you feel any of these fundamental parts have vacated your essence? Do you feel as if no one cares? Do you feel stuck with nothing to look forward to? Feel no one understands you? Feel lonely and without connection? Feel perpetually in a Soul’s Winter?

To replant solid roots, begin giving what you feel has been withheld. Give those around you something to look forward to. Be understanding, provide connection, be kind, spread approval, tell others what you admire about them, validate their feelings, and be a true friend. Practice giving the three core components on a daily basis.

By being what you need, not only do you begin to build a platform on which others can stand with you, you begin to show the universe the energy you wish to have returned.

When we are grateful for what we have, when we provide what we aspire to get, when we give what we need, we remind not only ourselves that we are drops of Spirit, bestowed with the ability to light up our darkness, but we begin to provide light to others.

Be In Joy, My Friends


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