Consuming and inflowing

Filling up and enlarging

Much darkness, much dribble

Lots of “should be” and “how to”

Never outward and directing

Never releasing and expelling

Always enter, enter, entering

Stretched out too far

Too big for the skin

Stretch marks and tired eyes

Brow furrows and lip lines

Never balanced and connecting

Never condensing or compressing

Always spread, spread, spreading

Filling and filling

Never whole or complete

Blank pages and empty words

Shadowed light and cautious stepping

Never healed and unbroken

Never wondrous or joyful

Always search, search, searching

Questioning and doubting

Too hollow for luminosity

Neck aching and soul shaking

Tears breaking and smile faking

Never new and reborn

Never strong or resolved

Always reach, reach, reaching

Photo credit: John Noonan, Unsplash

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