47 Sentences You Don’t Want to Read

Sit up straight.

Manners matter.

Be what you need.

Put your phone away.

You get what you give.

Learn to take criticism.

Stop whining, start fixing.

You can’t always be the star.

Stick to the point. Be concise.

Remember who pays your way.

Want to be a boss? Act like one.

Everyone knows when you’re lying.

If you say you’ll be there, show up.

Be authentic to find your true tribe.

Social media is your diary on display.

Unless you ask, the answer is always no.

You aren’t the best judge of your own work.

Being late is the ultimate form of disrespect.

Bosses and parents are human – just like you.

Hide the flaws of others. Speak well of others.

If you bring up a problem, provide two solutions.

Don’t manage your time. Manage your decisions.

Procrastination is the Murderer of all good things.

The words you use are your self-fulfilling prophecy.

There’s always, always, always room for improvement.

Make decisions for yourself. Don’t give that power away.

No one likes a downer. If you’re in need, ask for it honestly.

Take three deep breaths, clear your head, then start again.

Be the ultimate tri-human – humility, compassion, generosity.

Those above you wear more than the label you’ve put on them.

Go out of your way to hide someone else from embarrassment.

Take ownership for all failings. Always give credit where it’s due.

Be honest and forthright about mistakes as soon as they happen.

Try extremely hard to resolve conflicts with others. Don’t give up.

Do your best work, especially when it involves the needs of others.

Speak the truth: good or bad. Most importantly, speak YOUR truth.

Know what you’re doing so well you can explain it to a four-year old.

Perception matters, the way you’re dressed is the way you’re judged.

Respect the need for others to have secrets. If they divulge them to you, keep them.

Unless you speak up, no one can know what you need, deserve, or how to treat you.

Take initiative. Don’t wait for others to tell you how to live, what to do, or how to be.

Growth takes time – be it getting a position, achieving a goal, or a overcoming an obstacle.

When someone asks you to listen to a song, actually listen. They’re letting you see their soul.

People have long memories when it comes to how you made them feel as well as your work ethic.

Biting off more than you can chew doesn’t make you capable – it makes you a master of none.

Grow up by growing wiser. Gossip is for teenagers and ignorance can’t be used as an excuse- for anything.

Respect others’ time, space, and silence. No one wants to hear your phone conversations or music.

Photo by Alex Rodríguez Santibáñez on Unsplash


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