Reflective Gratitude

The human heart is a resonant opening, craving the intention of deep truth. It calls daily for the opportunity to expand; for the fill of integrity. Pausing and reflecting upon that for which we are grateful fills the heart space with the truest form of life’s honesty.  

This rumination aids us mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. Taking the time to consider our existences and all the goodness that saturates our lives, creates a sense of well-being, reduces anxiety and depression, and assists our brains in slowing down, aiding in more restful sleep. Gratitude also helps the physical aspect of our hearts by decreasing inflammation and beating slower, mending abnormal rhythms. 

From a spiritual aspect, reflective gratitude increases our internal vibration and frequency, creating a state of elation not only raising our soul’s intensity, but putting us in touch with the ethereal emotional plane. This internal vibrational increase acts as a magnet. Instead of vibrating slower and lower, we are lifted into the clean, pure energy of euphoria. As energy begets energy, the more we practice giving thanks with true, internal reflection, the more we have to be thankful for. 

Start each day by thanking yourself for being alive, for opening your eyes to the world and your intention to the Universe. What you contribute to this planet is indispensable, is unique, is distinctly yours. Living from gratitude for self creates purpose, opens perspective to witness the beauty and extraordinariness in others, and therefore lifts those around you to the highest vibrational plane. 

End each day by thanking the Creator for your existence. By devoting tribute to the Divine within, you make way for the Divine to act in your stead without. Spirit will hear you, and Spirit will reward you.

The power of your mind is infinite, the capability of your being endless, and depth of your soul unbounded. Give thanks.


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