The Architect

I rise from your hollow and grin in your black

Emerging from shadow and marrow of lack

For I am the architect of your demise

I see you misread the ferocity of my eyes

Icy fear freezes you stopped in your tracks

Your soul recoils, as if under attack

But my sweet, I implore you, please let me in 

This breaking is simply you opening from within

There’s nothing to fear, and nothing to hide

I’m breaking your spirit to open your mind

Your secrets are sheltered, your terrors held safe

I’m ripping them out to put love in their place

Just breathe and let go, allow and release

This passion of mine will provide your relief

My fire and tempest will burn out your dark

And from my red flame, I gift you this spark

To burn down your walls and blister your bridges

To cleanse you and heal you and smooth down your ridges

For though I’ll destroy you and burn you to ash

Your soul will be purer, your spirit unlatched

And as your destructor, I promise you this

You’ll loathe me and fear me just as you do bliss

But love you, I do, and if martyr I must

To crack open your heart and release your star dust

For I am development and you are my muse

My job is to break you and ignite the fuse 

As you are the infinite in being and soul

It’s time you rise up and fulfill your true role

These longings within are pointing you north

It’s time for your essence to come fully forth

Burn true, burn fierce, howl, smile untamed

Rise up, take wing, live life unashamed!



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