COVID’s Blessing

January was an odd month for many of my loved ones. We felt as if the world was nocking an arrow in a bow while searching for a target at which to aim. February felt as if we were pulling that arrow back in anticipation to shoot, our muscles taught and ready to release. I discussed these feelings with a few close friends, saying it felt as if something colossal was coming; that humanity was resting on the brink of a situation that would raise the collective human consciousness. March has given way to a pandemonium, and this pandemonium has become our arrows’ target — this target a blazing beacon of change.

All huge and cataclysmic revolution first starts with an UnBecoming. It starts with destruction, with current platforms crumbling, with accepted comforts stripped away, with what is known to us, catching fire.

Not the kind of fire that merely burns and blisters, but the sort that annihilates every single object in its path. A fire with no remorse, no guilt, no compunction – but pure, unadulterated obliteration. This is a fire that cleanses every single thing we’ve been refusing to release.

Our world is undoubtedly in the midst of this mighty blaze as our very spirit, the breath we breathe, is contaminated, and bringing with it, demise.

Our collective consciousness and our humanity are entering a human-wide Dark Night of the Soul. In this dark night, there is a sweeping feeling of terror, remorse, despair, barrenness, and detachment. In this dark night, we are called upon to ruminate on the consequences of our actions, to pop our protective haze-filled bubbles, to take off the rose-colored glasses, and to see the truth of how we’ve been living. We are being forced to tumble headlong into a communal depression. Many of us my feel an overwhelming fear in this, our current state. But I urge you to dive deeper.  As Jeff Foster explains:

“Depression … is a very misunderstood state of deep rest (de-pressed), entered into when we are completely exhausted by the weight of our own false story.”

This Dark Night, our impending sense of depression, is calling upon us all to CHANGE.

We’ve created an image of what we feel our world was meant to be. Now, in the midst of this chaotic flame raging through our planet, we are being undeniably called to a deeper truth.

This is where we find not just our personal truth, but the targeted accuracy of how we’ve lived in this world and taken it for granted; how we’ve idolized and overpaid the wrong people, for the wrong reasons; how we’ve infected the earth with our deprived choices and slothful laziness; how humanity is the virus that has plagued our natural world since the beginning of the Anthropocene Age.

This moment is our wake-up call as we’ve been treading water in a sea of ignorance, and now, we are drowning in it.

While this is frightening, this sort of spiritual death is a necessity to be born again. In the Dark Night of this Collective Soul, we are buried in shadow – and this shadow reforms us to be rebirthed.

The bird must struggle to escape the egg, the butterfly must struggle to escape the cocoon, the wind must buffer the sapling for the tree to build the strength to stand upright. The struggle is a must. And in this struggle, we’ve been given the gift to delve again into the bigger questions of: ‘Why are we alive with this gift of awareness? What is our purpose on this earth – not just as individuals, but collectively? How can we- we with these incredibly formed brains of ours, use our gifts to make this world better?’

We are being given the chance to center, to put the fervor of reformation where it is needed most – to re-root into a soil and a society based less upon consumerism, greed, distraction, and gluttony, and instead upon sharing, philanthropy, pure altruism, presence, and love.

This moment, right here, provides us the chance to reconnect with family, the time to recharge our depleted batteries, to get well, to patch our wounds, and to find our true heroes.

This moment, right here, allows us the opportunity to disconnect, to stop the glorification of busy, to appreciate all that we’ve taken for granted, and to slow down. In this state of sadness, chaos, mourning, fear, withdrawal, and scorching, we are receiving the greatest of blessings.

We are being called to understand, in the deepest level of our souls, the purpose for which we are made.

We are being invited to awaken – to RE-EMERGE – into a world of limitlessness, our vast, boundless nature; to live as one with our Mother Earth, to awaken and see the bliss and the beauty surrounding us each day.

Here is where we begin to live from the seat of Soul, rather than the seat of the Ego. We are called to save ourselves and to save each other. We are called to save our planet, and to reset our humanity.

What will you do with this great gift? How can you change? How can you learn, and what can you teach? How can you help your neighbor? How can you teach the next generation to value that which is most important? How can you re-root and re-emerge after this time of solitude and reflection? What gifts are buried in your soul and in your humanity? We all need your contribution now, more than ever.

Let us all reflect on our individual and collective mission. Let us all emerge from this Dark Night as purer, reformed, grateful souls. Let us all become one collective consciousness to live not as the plague that destroys each other and our earth, but as the infinite, beautiful souls we are, encased in this human existence.

With love, joy, and hope,

~ Ceara


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