The Missing Piece

Through the fog of doubt And the yearning for peace A sentient struggle For the strong and weak Lest we discover A strength within The colors of seven Dim the chagrin In the midst of crossroads And the haze of insecurity A beacon of truth Helps to fill the impurity The muck and mire In... Continue Reading →

Things I Love About Life #7: Aspirations That Never Come True:

I have this hope in my heart and soul that one day; I will make it to Stonehenge on my birthday.  My birthday happens to coincide with the Pagan summer solstice and is the longest day of the year.  My Aunt and I have talked about going since I can remember, and each time we... Continue Reading →

The Ocean and The Forest

Some say by happenstance, others by fate, the ocean met the forest.  These two vast beings as different as could be.  The ocean in its turgid upswells, its vast coldness and blue, unplundered depths of darkness.  Unknown creatures abide within its blackened realm.  Alien to those of us who barely skim the surface.  Alien to... Continue Reading →


I was a lotus flower Open and folded within itself The heart of which is my center Encased in folding petals I was a lotus flower Shades of innocent pink And purest white Floating on a pillow of liquid firmness Rooted to an ancient earth I was a lotus flower open and silent and pristine... Continue Reading →

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