My Dearest Ellie

My Dearest Ellie, I am so sorry that I wasn’t able to say goodbye.  Things just happened so fast.  Sometimes the present moment just decides what it needs, and there isn’t a thing you can do to stop it.  I knew from the beginning that we weren’t meant to be together forever…  I know we had... Continue Reading →

A History of Halloween

While it could be understood that some may associate the holiday to Satan, it is important to relay the devil is not a part of any Pagan religion. Halloween as we celebrate commercially now, is centered more on the Catholic holiday of All Hallows Eve.


Hope. The sound of the word… it starts with a breath and ends with a burst. It’s tantamount to the expectation of our lives. We come into this world gasping for breath and yearn for that one moment in life to call our burst.  We strive for that pinnacle instant in which we realize all... Continue Reading →

Let's be honest, here.  No one cares why I write.  There isn't a person on this planet that is interested to know that just the mention of a word, or the sound a sentence makes in the back of one's throat could cause a flurry of emotion; a tumultuous chaos within me so great that... Continue Reading →

The Cone of Shame

There is a collar animals are forced to wear after surgeries to keep themselves from licking at wounds or tearing out the stitches that are keeping them together.  In the movie “Up” (if you haven’t seen it because you’re a grown up without children, it’s time.  You won’t be disappointed), the cone isn’t used for... Continue Reading →

I Can See Your Red

The corners of her mouth were upturned and mischief gushed out of her eyes. She kept a secret, a secret no one would ever get to know. I knew she was duality. I knew her red held the truth to its origin of fire.

The Aged Geisha

I was brought to the back of the salon.  To my left, my eyes were immediately drawn to a pale, well-groomed elderly Japanese woman.  She held a command within herself.  Sitting there, under a regular salon hair-dryer, reading a normal Japanese newspaper, you felt this woman’s heritage seeping out of her in waves.  Her well-manicured... Continue Reading →

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