The Architect

For I am development and you are my muse My job is to break you and ignite the fuse As you are the infinite in being and soul It’s time you rise up and fulfill your true role

The Cone of Shame

There is a collar animals are forced to wear after surgeries to keep themselves from licking at wounds or tearing out the stitches that are keeping them together.  In the movie “Up” (if you haven’t seen it because you’re a grown up without children, it’s time.  You won’t be disappointed), the cone isn’t used for... Continue Reading →

Something Stirs

Something stirs yet not yet awakens A great ripping of shredding reproach Evolutionary dawn in the light of morning But that I had wings Something churns yet not yet heaves A grand tumult of agitating disorder Transformative revolution in the dark soul But that I had wings Something embeds yet not yet roots An immense... Continue Reading →

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